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Like New Yamaha C2X size 5’8” Grand Piano with Self Playing System – $17,800

This piano is outfitted with a Disklavier type PianoDisc player system. It can be upgraded to be controlled via iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Stream music to your piano commercial free, subscription free, 24/7, 365!  Watch live performances on your TV while the piano is in perfect sync. A new 5’8” Yamaha C2X grand piano …

Mid 2000s Professional Studio Upright on par with YAMAHA U1 Upright Piano – $4950


  The Yamaha U1 48” upright and the Kawai K300 48” professional studio upright are the top pics amongst piano technicians, piano teachers and pianist.  New theses two are roughly $12,000 and finding a preowned ones from the mid 2000s are incredibly hard to find. This Palatino benefits from a European design and set up …