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Like NEW Yamaha GB1 Baby Grand Piano – $9,995

Steinway pianos used to be the sought after piano pre 1990s.  Now virtually only the dwindling boomer population seek out Steinway. Gen X, Y, Z and soon Alpha are essentially programmed to seek out Yamaha product.

When the internet and especially, social media became popular in the late 90s, early 2000s, Yamaha smartly ramped up their indiscreet, celebrity, marketing campaign and placed their pianos in hands of famous and well known musicians world wide.

With conspicuously badged pianos glimmering under the lights, Yamaha quickly realized that just a passing glimpse of the polished brass, 6 letter decal in close proximity to a pop star would solidify their position as a market leader over time.   

From the period of the late 90s to present Yamaha has enjoyed rocket-ship notoriety, with their piano brand being synonymous, with every pop icon, presently tickling the ivories.

The Yamaha GB1, in polished ebony is Yamaha’s most popular baby grand piano.  New this piano sells for over $15,000. Own this like new one for just $9,995!

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