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Like NEW 6’ GRAND PIANO – Bright YAMAHA Grand Piano Type Tone | Only $8,900!

Yamaha is known and liked for their bright sharp tone. They hardens their hammers to achieve this crisp ear-piercing tone.

The reason Yamaha likely does this is so that their piano’s tone are capable of cutting through other instruments and amplified vocals.

In a home setting, especially when the floor is hardwood, travertine, marble, tile, or any other hard surface a baby grand or grand piano can produce up to two times the decibels. This is further exacerbated if the ceilings are high.

Ear fatigue occurs when the human ear is exposed to sharp or loud tones for extended periods of time.  The criticism of Yamaha’s tone is that it is difficult to enjoy for long periods.

Thankfully, there is a solution to tame a bright sounding piano. Voicing is a process, where by a piano technician softens the hammers at the striking point to yield a darker, warmer tone.

The vast majority of piano buyers end up having their piano voiced warmer as to not offend the ear. However, if you are a jazz or blues pianist, and like a bright, sharp tone, this piano is perfect for you!

A new 6 foot grand piano of this caliber ranges in price from $20,000-$30,000. At just $8900. This is truly a phenomenal opportunity for someone to save over $10,000 and enjoy a like-new piano!

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