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Yamaha Pianos

Dave’s Piano Showroom carries Tampa Bay’s largest selection of like new, preowned Yamaha pianos. Dave does not deal in “grey market” (pianos intended to be sold in Japan only, not the US) Yamaha pianos. If you are searching for a Yamaha C7, C5, C3, C2, C1, grand piano in Tampa, Clearwater, Florida or beyond visit Dave’s Piano Showroom. If a Yamaha U5, U3, U1 or other vertical model Yamaha piano is what you need, Dave is sure to have it in stock at the lowest possible price.

A Brief History On Yamaha Pianos

Torakusu Yamaha was a watch maker and developed the first reed organ in Japan. In the late 1890s it is said that he traveled to the United States to study the art and science behind piano building. It was not until the 1960’s that Yamaha pianos reached US shores. Upon arrival, Yamaha pianos were not well received by the American public. They were viewed as a cheap, low quality alternative to a production caliber American built piano. In time, Yamaha gained respect and awareness largely due to their Yamaha motors division launched years earlier and their brilliant marketing strategy.

Presently, Yamaha’s are among the most recognizable names in pianos. Partly because Yamaha manufactures boats, engines, motorcycles, jet skis, trumpets, drums and a host of other mass produced goods. This naturally transfers to a mind awareness for their piano products, which has dramatically helped Yamaha to solidify their place in the market. It is said that Yamaha either pays their concert artist and/or supplies free pianos to not only performers of note, but places conspicuously badged Yamaha pianos on every American Idol, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Dancing With The Stars or any other highly visible stage watched by the American public.

This brilliant marketing scheme does not come without a price. Like other name brand consumer items, Yamaha pianos are exorbitantly priced as compared to their lesser known competition. However this is not all bad news. High prices allow rival piano manufacturers to construct a superior level piano, using higher grade, European materials and skilled hand labor: to produce a piano that is not only arguably better; but cost less too. (Contact Dave and he will be happy to elaborate on the brands that are considered by connoisseurs and aficionados to be not only superior to Yamaha, but significantly less money.)

Dave’s Thoughts

In short, Yamahas are terrific pianos but a terrible value. Dealers would have you believe that Yamaha pianos have better resale value than other pianos. Even if this were true and it is not, that would be offset by the premium that one must outlay in order to obtained these instruments. I always find it a bit peculiar when I meet someone that is overly excited or enthusiastic about a Yamaha piano. If one desires the best name brand sport bike, one buys a Ducati. If one wants the best name brand cruiser motorcycle, one buys a Harley. The same thing can be said about Trumpets; buy a Monette. Or a runabout boat; Searay is the clear choice. In no other circumstance is Yamaha considered to be the pinnacle of what ever it is that they are producing. I believe that music is the fastest way to the Soul, in the same way that an IV drip is the quickest way to the bloodstream. It is my hypothesis that when watching a favorite artist perform on a piano, that bares the Yamaha badging; the hypnotic, subconscious affect is more than the average person can overcome.

*DPS is NOT an authorized dealer for Yamaha product.

*Dave feels that we are living in the golden age for high quality, affordable piano making. Globalization, technological advances and the Internet have allowed small and large piano manufacturers to fuse high end European componentry, with skilled/affordable labor to produce super high end instruments, at a fraction of what the “big guys” charge.