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Piano Disc IQ Wireless System – A Concert Pianist At Your Finger Tips…..

player pianosIn the old days, player pianos operated using air pressure, valves and some even required pumping pedals with your feet to operate them. Users of these now antique pianos had to replace the punch paper rolls after each and every song. How fun!

Fast forward to today. Player pianos are now controlled wirelessly using ones iPhone, iPad or laptop from ANYWHERE in the house! Control volume up and down. Put together a limitless playlists of music, not just one song at a time like in the paper roll days; or a dozen songs as in the more recent CD player piano era. With the power of iTunes users are able to create customized libraries with their desired music, from a few songs, to dozens of songs, to even hundreds of tunes playing back to back without interruption.

There is also NO clunky control box mounted underneath the piano like you would see in a 90’s or early 2000’s CD player piano. The IQ system is completely invisible! With no components visible to the naked eye, an automatic playing piano is sure to shock and awe guests at home parties.

Voice Operated Piano

iPhone Piano Player

Nothing is more relaxing and therapeutic as having your automatic player grand piano serenade you, with your favorite music at the end of a long day. Player grand pianos are the perfect solution for quality entertainment at any home gathering. The automatic player grand or upright is sure to spark instant conversation and will peak guest’s interest and curiosity.

Dave’s Piano Showroom is Tampa Bay’s, Clearwater’s and St. Pete’s leading authority on player pianos by *Piano Disc. Having transformed countless baby grands, grands and uprights into self playing, automatic player pianos; Dave is uniquely qualified to transform even the most prized or sought-after piano into a concert performing showpiece.

*Since 1988 Piano Disc has ruled as the world’s #1 piano playing system. With the introduction of the new HD system and it’s mind shattering capability of reproducing 1024 different level of expression per note, there is little wonder why the highest quality pianos in the world factory install Piano Disc. Yes, even Steinway exclusively uses Piano Disc products.

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