David Germino has lived in Tampa Bay all his life. As a teenager Dave attended Hillsborough High School, where he excelled in the music program. During those four years Dave lead the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Marching Band and Sound System (vocal group) to many first place finishes, as the featured soloist.

For higher education, Dave chose to stay in his back yard and attended the University of South Florida. Dave was awarded music and academic scholarships. Majoring in music performance, with a minor in business, Dave looked to somehow combine the two. After attending USF in 1998, Dave accepted a position as general manager for Lloyd Williams Piano Warehouse.

Dave now found exactly what, he never knew, he always wanted. Two people stood out as key persons, in the creation of what would soon be called Dave’s Piano Showroom. <a href=”http://tampapianotuning.com/”>Philip Frohna</a> a third generation piano tuner, acted as Dave’s mentor training him in the art of piano tuning and repair. This apprenticeship lasted over several years. Tuning and technical training came very natural to Dave, as he learned to play piano by ear at an early age and always had a fascination for the components of the piano.

Dave refers to Lloyd Williams as his “adopted grandfather.” Mr. Williams played the most significant role in Dave’s quest of owning and operating a piano store. Lloyd Williams was one of the largest piano distributors in the local area. He had stores in Tampa, Lakeland and Brandon. Lloyd Williams attained this level of success due to his superior level of customer service. Mr. Williams had sayings that he would constantly repeat and to this day still resonate with Dave. Such as, “Say what you do and do what you say … Don’t make a promise you can’t keep….. Even if you’re just a stump in the forest be the best stump you can be…The secret to a good business is good customers….”

This old fashion mentality is at the heart of Dave’s Piano Showroom. There was a period of time in American history, where if you wanted to know the character of another you only need know that person’s last name. David Germino believes that reputation is as important now, as it was then. Dave understands this premise and realizes that successful businesses are a result of happy customers. It is for this reason Dave works tirelessly, everyday to exceed your expectations!