We would highly recommend Dave’s Pianos Showroom

We so enjoyed shopping at Dave’s pianos. We went to both the Brandon and South Tampa Showrooms. I called at 8:15am desperate to look at pianos. Dave answered at this early hour and then made an appt. to meet us that very morning at the South Tampa showroom. He took lots of time answering questions and educating us about pianos. He took pianos apart and showed us the insides, describing the craftsmanship of various uprights and grands. He was so personable and knowledgable. Dave is an amazing person who knows all about pianos and to add to that can play them amazingly!!!! He is not high pressure. We would highly recommend Dave’s Pianos Showroom to anyone looking for pianos.

Lynne W.,
Plant City, FL

He always is cordial and professional

I’ve called Dave several times for information. He always is cordial and professional, offering to text me the requested information. He does so immediately. I think he must have several showroom locations; the one in Brandon is open by appointment.

J H.,
Lakeport, CA

A great experience!

A great experience! No pressure to buy. Dave let us take as much time as we wanted. Dave is very knowledgable about the pianos he sells and gave us a thorough education concerning pianos. We played a lot of pianos and on our second visit, Dave made us a great deal on a Ritmuller GH160 R. Delivery was free, same day. We are very happy and would recommend him to anyone shopping for a piano.

William C.,
Wesley Chapel, FL

Dave knows piano craftsmanship and the history each piano manufacturer

I purchased and fell in love with my polished ebony Ritmuller 6’2″ which replaced my Kawaii baby grand. Okay, I’ve been married 44 years, but I never thought I would feel this way about a piano. After more than 2 yrs of searching for a touch and sound that resonated with me, I found my soulmate in this piano. It breathes with me, and my playing has dramatically improved in response. My concentration is entirely immersed in the experience, as there is no distraction in feedback that was hard on my ears. Every piece that I play is easier to execute. Sight reading is more successful. I feel a connection with not only the touch but wanting to keep my hands on the keys without lifting unnecessarily is easier with this piano. While it was out of our price range, once I heard it, my husband and I knew we had found the one. Dave knows piano craftsmanship and the history each piano manufacturer.

Note: Each piano has a response to touch and sound. Dynamic range, brightness, etc. He listened to what I was expressing about frustration with my piano that my husband had surprised me with many years ago.

I wish I had made this decision many years earlier. I’ve studied classical since I was 7, participating in years of Florida Music Teachers Association Student Days. The difference this piano has brought into my life is astounding and my husband asks me to play pieces for him in the evening. Where piano was a matter of dedicated practice and hard work, it is now a feeling of being able to fully express the dynamics of the composer, my speed and accuracy has increased dramatically and the connection I feel arose out literally someone (Dave) who listened and knew that his role wsa ultimately matchmaker.

Debbie H.

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