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Baldwin Parlor Grand Piano – Model R – Handmade In America – Just $9500

Historically, there are about a half dozen America piano manufacturers that built Steinway caliber instruments; Baldwin, Mason and Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering, Sohmer, and to a slightly lesser degree, and for reasons I will not get into at this time, Charles Walter and Everett. From nuts and bolts and overall fit and finish perspective, not to …

Ferrari Red – German Designed Ritmüller Baby Grand Piano – $14,990

This piano is a one of a kind handmade piano. If you are a Ferrari, art deco, ultra modern, Elton John piano series fan; or if you simply have the decor that could suit such a bold statement piece don’t wait as this spectacular piano won’t last very long on the showroom floor. Imagine controlling …

Like NEW Yamaha Baby Grand Piano – Made in Japan – Only $7500!

Like NEW Yamaha Baby Grand Piano – Made in Japan NOT Indonesia (like some new Yamaha pianos) – Only $7500! The following are instructions that will help you veriy that the Yamaha piano you are considering for purchase was made for the North American market. Google “Yamaha serial number”. The first or second organic listing …

Like NEW STEINWAY & SONS, Model O Grand Piano – Nearly $90,000 new, just $28,500!


This piano has been completely restored to its original new condition, using 100% Steinway parts, and labor performed by skilled craftsmen. It was an extremely labor-intensive endeavor that took over nine months to complete! There are few pianos that command the same level of respect among musicians, pianists, and lovers of quality, then a Steinway …

Beautiful Boston Baby Grand Piano – Like NEW only $8900!


Since 1992 Kawai, piano manufacturer since 1927, has constructed the Boston series of pianos for Steinway. This is an excellent choice for those who always wanted to own a Steinway (there is a huge insignia on the piano’s plate that boasts Steinway’s affiliation) but cringed at the thought of parting with a small fortune. Speaking …

Bösendorfer Semi Concert Grand Piano


Bösendorfer (L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH) is an Austrian piano manufacturer and, since 2008, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. Bösendorfer is unusual in that it produces 97- and 92-key models in addition to instruments with standard 88-key keyboards, and in its use of 3 strings-per-hammer model of construction.  

Super Ornate Baby Grand Piano with built in Self Playing Option – $7500


There are few piano designs that can match the timeless beauty of this piano. From the hand sculpted music desk, to the birdseye maple inner rim and under lid veneers, to the rounded legs and pedal assembly; this piano is truly a work of art. New this piano costs nearly $25,000. It is being sold …