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Steinway & Sons Grand Piano – Custom FROZEN Edition | $36,950

Striking is this white, with slight bluish haze, Steinway grand piano and all silver appointments!  New custom/special edition Steinways grands cost well over $100,000.

Steinway’s “Golden Age”, the period of the decade before the turn of the century, 1890s – 1950s, has long been regarded as the best period in Steinways history, by piano aficionados and the piano technical community.

This is primarily due to access to old growth forests which no longer exist today.  Note the striking 1918 to 2018 comparison below.

source: hullworks.com

With a solid platform with which to work, Dave’s Piano Showroom and his team of seasoned piano craftsman, painstakingly restores each Steinway over a 12 – 18 month period.   

Rim, plate, soundboard, bridge, pinblock, action,  strings, pins, dampers, felts, cabinet, hardware; no component, no matter how small goes untouched.  This results in a piano which is aesthetically indistinguishable from a new piano, but at more than 65% off of new retail!

Much like a Porsche restored and reimagined  by Singer, DPS refuses to be bound by the traditional and incredibly boring black with gold hardware look. This results in a 1 of 1 masterpiece!

Contact Dave today, to begin designing your customized 1 of 1 Steinway and receive a free new loaner grand piano while you wait.