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Like NEW 6’1” RX-3 KAWAI Grand Piano – One Owner | New GX-3 Is $63,000, Just $19,950!

The new GX-3 Kawai grand piano is the standard by which all other 6’ grand pianos are measured.  The predecessor to the GX series was the much loved RX series; which featured Kawai’s exclusive ABS Styran action. 

The ABS action has two main advantages over wooden action parts. Firstly, under fracture load analysis ABS is shown to be 50% stronger. Wooden flanges breaks at 61.2 pounds of pressure compared to an ABS flanges which break at 102.5.  

Secondly, subjecting wooden components to 90 to 100% humidity swells the action by 5%.  In contrast, exposing the ABS to this extreme humidity resulting in a change of just .16%, making ABS more than 30 times resistant to a high humidity environment. 

With Kawai’s lightning responsive action and warm, melodic tone; this 6’1” Kawai grand piano is sure to satisfy the most demanding pianist.  If you are considering a Yamaha C3X, Steinway model L, Steinway model A or Boston GP-193 you will want to audition this and hundreds more quality pianos at Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay.