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Yamaha 6’1” C3 Grand Piano – Non Gray Market – $13500

If you are in the market for a preowned Yamaha grand piano, it is important to understand precisely what gray market means.  In Japan there is no used market.  This creates a challenge for what to do with used pianos coming from homes, schools and churches.  Since the 1980s American entrepreneurs have collected these pianos in vast quantities and shipped them to the US for touch up, repair and reselling.  

In fact, the entire decade of the 80, 90s and most of the 2000s a used gray market Yamaha piano was the most plentiful and best selling piano in the USA.  Today with hundreds of thousands of gray market pianos in circulation, it is quite common to run across one of these instruments in your search for a piano.  

Yamaha does not provide material or labor support for gray market pianos. This has resulted in incredibly poor resale value as they are, from Yamaha‘s perspective unserviceable.  If you are considering a preowned Yamaha piano locate the serial number.  Then call Dave and he will input that number into Yamaha‘s database to determine if IS or is NOT a gray market.

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