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Yamaha C1X Size Baby Grand Piano – Made in Japan! Non Gray Market – $14,500


Both Yamaha and Kawai subscribe to the good, better and best approach to building pianos. 

Yamaha’s best series of pianos are the C series, now CX series, or also known as the conservatory series. These pianos are exclusively built in Japan and represent Yamaha‘s highest quality available today. 

A new Yamaha C1X  has an MSRP of nearly $38,000!  At just a third of the price this non gray market Yamaha C1 is an incredible value.

Remember, the bulk of the used Yamaha pianos on the secondary market are not authorized by Yamaha to be in the United States, and as a result receive no part or service support from Yamaha USA.   These Yamaha pianos are referred to as “gray market” 

Call Dave with the serial number, of the preowned Yamaha you are considering and he will use Yamaha’s database to determine if it is a legitimate one.  

Lastly, only a fool or folks with money to burn consider new Yamaha or Steinway pianos. Just like luxury automobiles The values of these two piano manufacturers drop precipitously as soon as it is delivered to the home.  Unlike a automobile which can only go problem free from 5 to 10 years; pianos go problem free for over 50 years!  

If you are searching for a quality, good value baby grand piano in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete or beyond; you will want to add this wonderful instrument to your must see list!