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YAMAHA Grand Piano With Disklavier – Same Size As C2X – New 50K+ | Just $19,995!

Yamaha has been building pianos since the 1800s. In fact, if you look closely at the Yamaha logo on any boat motor, motorcycle, or band instrument you will discover trisecting tuning forks. A piano tuner uses a tuning fork to obtain the starting pitch in the piano tuning process.

From pianos, Yamaha branched off into nearly every instrument and combustible motor under the sun. It was not until the 2000s, with the advent of YouTube and social media, that Yamaha was able to solidify their position for the top spot in brand awareness.

Yamaha placed their pianos on the most conspicuous pop, jazz, and entertainment stages around the world. In just two decades, Yamaha was able to penetrate Steinway’s spell over the piano buying public and re-hypnotize the masses through the most effective advertising method, celebrity endorsement.

As a result, new Yamaha piano prices have increased to astronomic levels, leaving Yamaha piano owners exposed to massive depreciation. much like the six figure BMW or Mercedes buyer. Take this Yamaha C2, the same size as the current C2X model, with a Disklavier system. New, this piano would sell for just over $50,000.

This like new 5’8” Yamaha parlor grand, in beautiful walnut polish finish is now just $19,995! That is over $30,000 depreciation on a piano which has seen less than five years of cumulative playing on its hammer felts!

I suppose the take away, is sure, the Yamaha brand benefits from a kind of cultural, mass formation psychosis, thanks to Yamaha’s incredibly intelligent marketing strategy, amped up to epic proportions by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the like; but unless you have money to burn find a like new preowned one!

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