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Kawai Baby Grand Piano – Official Builder Of Steinway & Sons, Boston Series | $8,900

For nearly 100 years Kawai has built some of the world’s finest pianos in Japan. Kawai does not build boat motors, motorcycles, or even band instruments. Kawai specializes in the construction of the highest caliber production grade pianos.

For 97 years, Kawai has been controlled and operated by the same Kawai family which founded the company in 1927.  Kawai has led the industry with the introduction of ABS styran actions, slow fallboards and their all new Millennium III action. Perhaps that is why Steinway chose Kawai to build their Boston series in 1991.

A new Kawai baby grand has a list price of just north of $18,000. At $8900 this is a remarkable value an opportunity to own a legacy brand for a fraction of the new cost. If you are considering a Yamaha GB1, Kawai GL-10, Boston GP-156, Essex GP-155 or Steinway S you will want to view this and hundreds more new and used pianos at Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay.