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Non Gray Market Yamaha Upright Piano – Made in the USA! Only $3,995

Most affordable Yamaha pianos; are made in Indonesia, such as the popular B1, B2, B3, and GB1.  Japanese and American made Yamaha‘s are considered by those in the know to be superior to the current Indonesian models.

Before Yamaha left the United States to build affordable models in China and Indonesia, they had a manufacturing facility in Georgia.  These are some of the nicest pianos Yamaha has ever produced.

Be sure that the Yamaha piano you are considering is a non-gray market one. Gray market Yamahas have poor resale value, and receive no part or service support from Yamaha America.  Simply input the serial number into Yamaha‘s database to verify a Yamaha‘s legitimacy.  To view Yamaha’s data base Google “Yamaha serial numbers” or simply click on the URL below.


Adjusted for inflation, a piano like this would sell for nearly $7000 today. At only $3995 including local, ground floor, delivery, tuning and warranty; this is a tremendous value!  If you are considering a new or preowned Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Boston, Essex, or any other quality piano, be sure to visit Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay!