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Yamaha Vertical Piano – $2995

There are only three legacy brands; Yamaha, Kawai and Steinway. From the turn of the century through the 1980s, Steinway ruled the roost. With the advent of the internet, then social media, Yamaha and Kawai were able to gain prominence in the marketplace. 

Today, it is very clear; Yamaha’s plan to place their pianos in conspicuous places, amongst the most popular musicians of the day would be would ultimately prove to be the successful formula for programming the masses. 

There is very little talk about Steinway today. John Legend, Alicia Keys, Elton John, Adele, Lady Gaga, and any other pop icon will be found playing on Yamaha pianos. 

Like all pianos, Yamahas depreciate tremendously.  In fact, because Yamaha has cashed in on their good name in the way of high new retail prices, Yamaha pianos more quickly depreciate than other brands which are less known and therefore do not artificially inflate the retail cost of their pianos. 

New, an American or Japanese made Yamaha upright piano like this would cost $7000-$8000.  This piano is available for only $2995!  If you are looking for a quality piano, but do not want to break the bank visit Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay.  

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