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Kawai Vertical Piano – $2950

Kawai has been producing pianos in Japan for nearly 100 years. They are also the official builder for Steinway & Sons. In the late 1980s it is believed Steinway saw Yamaha increased popularity and looked to leverage the know how of Kawai to build a new piano brand at scale, something Steinway was unable to do themselves. 

In 1991, Steinway chose Kawai to build their new Boston piano line to compete with the likes of Yamaha. 

Kawai, however is most known for their innovative actions.  Kawai essentially solved for the inevitable sticky key with the advert of ABS  actions parts. This material was shown to be 50% stronger than wood and resist moisture and swelling 30 times better than wood; making it an ideal material, especially for more humid environments, such as Florida. 

New, a model like this retails for nearly $7000.  Just $2950, this is an incredible value!  Call Dave and schedule your visit today to see this and hundreds more new and preowned pianos in Tampa Bay. 

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