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Baldwin Hamilton Upright Piano – Handmade in America! Only $2495

At the turn of the century there were hundreds of piano manufacturers in the US alone, but there were only a handful of musical standouts.  Baldwin was always considered to be on par with Steinway, Mason and Hamlin, Knabe, and the other top quality American made pianos.

Especially notable was the period from the 1950s through the 1990s;  Baldwin pianos were viewed much like Yamaha is today, and used by pop musicians, the world over.

While Baldwin‘s formula of providing great quality at a reasonable price was successful for many decades, they simply could not compete with the influx of inexpensive Japanese and Korean pianos, which significantly undercut the much more expensive American labor.

Now, only a select few in the know gravitate towards this old American standard, knowing full well that they are owning a highest caliber American piano for pennies on the dollar.

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