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Kohler & Campbell Studio Piano – Tonal Release Cabinet Design | $3900

In the 1990s and early 2000s Samick pianos ruled the roost. Samick was the world’s largest piano manufacturer, only edged out for the top spot in recent years by Pearl River pianos.

Samick is the founder of the European hybrid piano movement (EHP). EHP combine a top notch piano designer, high density of European components and affordable Asian labor rates. Brands like Knabe and Pramberger paved the way for the modern Ritmuller, Kayserburg and Perzina EHP.

Before Steinway dealers were gifted the Essex line of pianos, pianos built by Pearl River for Steinway; Steinway dealers typically carried the Kohler and Campbell line of pianos.

K & C pianos was an American made piano established in 1896. They were known for producing good quality pianos at an affordable price. Samick acquired the brand in the early 2000s and have been producing pianos in Samick’s Korean and Indonesian factories for nearly two decades.

This model feature tonal release vents at the top, on either side of the music desk and one large tonal release port on the bottom panel.  This design allows the piano’s tone to fully sing through the barrier all upright pianos face, that is the wooden box which traps much of the sound from escaping.  

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