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Steinway & Sons Grand Piano | Model M – Completely Restored Using 100% Steinway Parts!

This piano has been completely restored to its original new condition, using 100% Steinway parts, and labor performed by skilled craftsmen. It was an extremely labor-intensive endeavor that took nearly six months to complete! There are few pianos that command the same level of respect among musicians, pianist and lovers of quality, than a Steinway …

Handmade GERMAN UPRIGHT PIANO – Grotrian Steinweg $7,500

German pianos like German automobiles are at the pinnacle of construction and quality. Grotrian pianos are rated HIGHER THAN New York built Steinway pianos and offer superior value, sound and performance. If you are interested in a fine, high-end, heirloom quality piano at a unbelievable price this piano may be for you.

KAWAI RX-2 GRAND PIANO with PianoDisc Player System | Non Gray Market!!! – $12500


Since 1927 Kawai has built heirloom quality pianos. It is worth mentioning that Kawai is the official piano builder for Steinway’s Boston series. There are few things more pleasurable than being serenaded by your grand piano after a long day at the office. A self playing PianoDisc system also comes in handy at dinner parties …

YAMAHA DISKLAVIER PLAYER GRAND PIANO | One Owner – Non Gray Market! – $9,800


There are few things more pleasurable than having your piano serenade you at dinner parties and other social gatherings; complements of a factory installed, self playing, Disklavier system. This piano has had only one owner. The Davis Island resident is downsizing and the piano must go. New, today a Disklavier grand of this size could …