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Virtually NEW Kawai 5’10” RX-2 Grand Piano | One Owner – $19,995

In 1927 Koichi Kawai designed his first grand piano. That model measured 5’10” in length. From 1927 to 2015 Kawai’s 5’10” RX-2 parlor grand remained one of their top selling, most sought after models.

The RX series featured several major design breakthroughs, decades in the making. For nearly 60 years, Kawai has perfected the art of piano making with the advent of their patented ABS Styran actions, Carbon Composite Black Jacks, extruded aluminum F type rails, one additional action bracket (5 in total), machine threaded flange screws, insuliner strip and Neotex key surface.

Combined these materials make Kawai’s action the most advanced actions on the planet!  Comparing Kawai ABS action to a standard Yamaha; the Kawai action is 50% stronger as demonstrated in fracture load analysis.  The ABS action is more than 30 times resistant to swelling then comparable Yamaha wooden components!

When you visit Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay; Dave will remove the action of a Kawai, Yamaha and Steinway grand piano.  You will quickly discover why Kawai piano actions are considered to be the most intelligently engineered actions in the world to date.