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Kawai Upright Piano – $3,995

Since 1927 Kawai has built some of the world’s finest pianos, in Japan. Kawai is the same family-owned and operated company nearly 100 years after its founding! Not even Steinway can make this amazing claim.

Speaking of Steinway, Kawai agreed to build the Boston series for Steinway in the early 1990s. Some experts say this lifeline helped Steinway remain a going concern in the piano industry, during what was an extremely tumultuous time for the New York-based piano maker.

Kawai has led the way over the last several decades with their patented ABS Styran actions. This triumph in piano action design has been heralded as this singled most important design benefit since The Crown Retention system, designed by Richard W Gertz, in 1854.

The ABS action is reported to be 50% stronger than a standard wood action and more than 30 times resistant to swelling than comparable wooden parts; making Kawai the official piano for Florida’s tropical climate!

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