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Yamaha B1 Size Upright Piano – $3,995

The Yamaha B1 is one of the most popular vertical pianos made by Yamaha. This is likely in part, due to the fact that the B1 is Yamaha’s least expensive model. It is well known in the technical piano community Yamahas which are built in Indonesia, such as the Yamaha B1, B2 and B3 are not nearly as good in materials, design, and workmanship and therefore not nearly as desirable as their Japanese-made pianos.

Before Yamaha went to Indonesia to build there more affordable models, they made pianos in the USA! These pianos are very desirable and rare. This is because the highest caliber pianos made in the world are made in the US. Skilled American labor, tooling, and competent management staff allowed Yamaha to produce some of their finest pianos ever in the US for a short period of time.

This American-made Yamaha upright is similar in height to the B1 and features a European, continental, modern cabinet design. If you are looking for a quality, affordable Yamaha piano but do not want a cheap Indonesian, Chinese or Taiwanese-made piano, then this American-made Yamaha may be just the piano for you!