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NEW Kawai DG30 Baby Grand Digital Piano – $6,299

Kawai’s all new DG30 features unmatched harmonic imaging technology.  Each key is meticulously sampled at the full dynamic range, directly from Kawai’s $200,000 concert grand!  When you sit down to play on a Kawai DG-30 it is as if you are listening to the Kawai concert grand.

Additionally, the action mimics the movement and weight of a grand piano. Looking inside you will discover the hammer travels upwards to strike, just like a hammer travels upwards to strike the strings in a traditional grand piano.  The key stick itself is made of real wood for an an even more authentic piano playing feel.

Moreover, the DG30 features a real spruce soundboard. Kawai’s premium speakers are mounted directly into a functional soundboard which enhances the clear, warm tone precisely in the way an acoustic piano generated tone.

The cabinet is done in a minimalist design. Elegant straight lines make this an absolute exquisite modern furniture piece.

With over 350 sounds, Bluetooth, recording capabilities,  transposing, headphones for silent play, laptop connectivity and so much more; it is easy to see why the Kawai DG30 baby grand is the choice of so many pianists, teachers and composers.

If you are searching for a petite Clavinova, Roland or Kawai digital baby grand piano in Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota or beyond; the Kawai DG30 may just be the perfect piano.