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2023 NEW Kawai K-15 Upright Piano in Mahogany Polish – $5490

Kawai is the premier piano manufacturer based in Japan. Since 1927 Kawai has constructed some of the world’s finest pianos. Kawai is hyper focused on the production of high quality pianos. They do not distract themselves manufacturing motorcycles, water vessels and band instruments.

This hyper specialization has served Kawai well in the nearly 100 years since its founding.  Even Steinway, many decades ago took notice of Kawai and teamed up with the Japanese manufacturer to produce their Boston series.  This Steinway/Kawai partnership established in 1991 continues strong to the present day.

Make Steinway‘s choice, your choice. Choose Kawai! If for no other reason, Kawai should be at the top of any list, as Steinway, one of the most respected piano manufacturers in the world stands behind Kawai‘s quality of construction.

If you are considering a Yamaha B1, Essex upright or Boston upright piano, you will want to visit one of Dave’s Piano Showroom’s convenient Tampa Bay locations and audition a Kawai; what most piano critics say is the best value, highest quality pianos on the market today.