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Japanese Made Yamaha 5’3” GC1 Baby Grand Piano – $13,900

Even one inch can make a difference. An extra three inches in the base section and significantly increased soundboard surface area in the Japanese-made Yamaha GC1 over the entry-level Indonesian-made Yamaha 5’ GB1 is absolutely monumental!

If you speak to any Yamaha or Kawai piano enthusiast they will always insist upon a Japanese model and will never consider an Indonesian-made instrument. The trend away from Yamahas made in Indonesia, China, or Taiwan and inclination towards Japanese and American-made Yamahas amongst the piano-buying public, has been well documented over the last two decades.

Make sure it is not gray! Gray market Yamaha pianos are ones, which were never intended to be in the US market. Yamaha has a free database that allows piano shoppers, to use the serial number to quickly and easily determine if the preowned Yamaha piano you are considering is supposed to be in the USA.

If the piano is NOT supposed to be here, Yamaha will offer no part or material support! Dave’s Piano Showroom is the only piano store in Tampa Bay to take a public stance with Yamaha against gray market pianos. Contact Dave and he will gladly run any Yamaha serial number for you, using Yamaha’s official website.