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YAMAHA GC1 Disklavier Player Baby Grand Piano – Control Using iPhone, iPad or Android! Only $17,900

This is a Japanese-made, 5’3” Disklavier baby grand piano which is considered by those in the know to be vastly superior to the entry-level Yamaha GB1.

The Yamaha GB1 5’ baby grand piano is Yamaha’s most popular baby grand. Affordable Indonesian labor enables Yamaha to construct its GB1 at a competitive global rate.

However, the GB1 has many critics. Amongst the technical community, Yamaha’s present and previous entry-level grand left much to be desired, such as a lack of duplex scaling, sostenuto pedal, and adjustable music desk, to name a few.

In contrast, this GC1 is made in Japan and features the very best of what Yamaha is capable of producing such as duplex scaling, full sostenuto, and an articulating music desk!

Don’t be silly, don’t by new!  New, this piano sells for nearly $35,000. For less than half own this like a new one and save a small fortune!

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