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Like New Yamaha C2X size 5’8” Grand Piano with Self Playing System – $17,800

This piano is outfitted with a Disklavier type PianoDisc player system. It can be upgraded to be controlled via iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Stream music to your piano commercial free, subscription free, 24/7, 365!  Watch live performances on your TV while the piano is in perfect sync.

A new 5’8” Yamaha C2X grand piano in walnut polish, has an MSRP which exceeds $50,000. This like NEW one is selling for just $17,800!  As always this is a Japanese made Yamaha (not Indonesia or China) and is made for the North American market.

Yamaha pianos not made for the North American market are referred to as gray market pianos. These instruments do not receive any parts or labor support from Yamaha USA.  Dave’s Piano Showroom only deals in non-gray market Yamaha pianos.

It is important to know eight out of ten preowned Yamaha pianos on the market today, even on competing piano dealer’s floor, are Yamaha pianos which are not authorized by Yamaha International to be in the United States.

If you are looking to buy a Kawai, Boston, Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein, Pearl River, Ritmuller, Essex or other quality baby grand or grand piano, you will want to see and play this piano!