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19th Century Steinway Grand Piano Masterpiece – $350,000

Inspired by an original art case Steinway created during the period of 1884-1887, this Steinway grand was meticulously reimagined by Italian master woodworkers and premiere Italian artists in Italy.

The original work of art utilized a Steinway D concert grand platform and sold at auction for 1.2 million dollars in 1997. The most expensive piano ever sold at that time.

In the interest of space conservation and a desire to lower the decibel production of the instrument, a smaller 6’ Steinway grand was chosen as the base architecture for this incredible project.

Over the course of many years master Italian piano rebuilders, master Italian wood sculptors and prominent Italian artists toiled over every square inch of this Steinway grand, resulting in one of the most breathtaking pianos in existence today.

Dave’s Piano Showroom has been selected to facilitate the sale of this magnificent masterpiece.  Please contact Dave directly with questions or to begin the purchase process.