A New Ritmüller 6’2” Player Grand Piano Delivery In Tampa, FL

We just delivered this new Ritmüller 6’2” player grand piano to the most exclusive condo on Harbor Island, in Tampa. If you insist upon white glove professional piano moving service in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete or beyond consider Dave and his professional team of expert piano movers.

7-Year-Old Blind Child Teaches Himself to Play Piano Then Goes on to Mesmerize Crowds


There’s a 7-year-old self-taught piano prodigy living in Dayton, Ohio today. Avett Ray Maness is determined that he won’t stop until he accomplishes his dreams and nothing, not even the fact that he’s blind, will slow him down or stand in his way. This is something that the people around him are loving as they …

Use Music Training to Help Your Child’s Brain Develop


Learning to play the piano doesn’t only take practice but it also requires the complex coordination of many different parts of your brain. These are the regions that are responsible for your coordination, hearing, sight, and movement. This ultimately influences your brain’s structure and function. What Research Demonstrates in This Regard Over the past two …