Is Acoustic Piano Better Than Digital?

Is Acoustic Piano Better Than Digital?Buying a piano isn’t an easy task. You must consider multiple things before finalizing an alternative. It includes estimating your budget, the place you would be putting it, and if you should buy a digital or acoustic piano. Let’s check out the differences and help you choose one.

What is the basic difference?

Acoustic pianos are the original pianos having a solid wood case that cradles the soundboard. It comes with 220 strings, hammers, and several other movable parts.

On the other hand, digital pianos are electronic and do not come with many moving parts. Built-in speakers produce sampled piano sounds. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, which one should you go for? You need to make some considerations before selecting one. Important ones are:

  • Space: Digital pianos take lessor space in comparison to acoustic pianos. Grand pianos would take anywhere between 5-to-9-foot space in your house. Hence, if you are short on space, go with digital pianos.
  • Noise Level: Digital pianos are not as loud as acoustic pianos. You have an option to lower the volume but acoustic ones do not give you any such feature.
  • Considering the piano player: Experts would always prefer an acoustic piano. But if you are a beginner or an intermediate player, digital pianos would be fine.
  • Estimating your Budget: New acoustic pianos might cost you anywhere between $2000 to $50000. You may also buy a second-hand piano for a lower price. Electronic pianos are comparatively cheaper.

Upsides of Acoustic Piano

Organic sound is primarily the best thing about an acoustic piano. Electronic piano manufacturers have been trying to improve the quality but are still far behind. Playing classical music on an acoustic piano is a treat especially on the beautiful and sturdy piece of furniture that can add elegance to any house.

Downsides of Acoustic Piano

Its size and weight are the major downsides. Once you have placed it in your house, it would remain there as it is difficult for anyone to move easily. The least a baby grand piano weighs is about 500 lbs. A piano needs to be tuned regularly which is highly dependent on usage which generally people would only do twice a year. Additionally, you should be dusting the piano at least once each week using a soft cloth.

Upsides of Digital Pianos

Each year manufacturers launch improved versions of pianos that are better than their predecessors. Some products come fitted with wooden keys that respond like acoustic pianos. You may also find options that have actual hammers coupled with similar striking action despite having no strings for the hammer to hit. Further, the sound produced by them is better and at times it becomes difficult to differentiate them from an acoustic piano.

Also, digital pianos are lighter and you can easily move them from one room to another. You also don’t have to tune them which saves you both money and time. The major advantage is that you won’t be disturbing your neighbors as you have the option to lower the volume or connect your headphones. Other advantages include MIDI capability, the option to record your sessions, multiple sound choices, etc. Lastly, they are more affordable as the most expensive option would be around $2000.

Downsides of Digital Pianos

Notes don’t give the same feeling like an acoustic piano and this is one of the major reasons pianists don’t prefer the digital ones. However, some great products in recent years have transformed this belief and feel to an extent. Acoustic pianos are more sensitive to their surroundings as compared to digital pianos making the latter a less preferred option.

You will surely miss the feel of using a pedal, resonating each string with the other, a lively feel, vibration sound, etc. that isn’t possible for a digital piano to match. They also don’t have the wow factor as you could easily miss out on noticing a digital piano in a room but not the acoustic one.

Closing Remarks

It would be sensible to buy a digital piano if you are a beginner and not sure if you would be going to get on. However, if you have the budget and a decent experience of playing the piano, you should always be opting for an acoustic piano.

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Picture Credit: Freepik