Bösendorfer Semi Concert Grand Piano

Bösendorfer (L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH) is an Austrian piano manufacturer and, since 2008, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. Bösendorfer is unusual in that it produces 97- and 92-key models in addition to instruments with standard 88-key keyboards, and in its use of 3 strings-per-hammer model of construction.  

Yamaha U1 Professional Studio Upright Piano – Non Gray Market/One Owner! $5990


The new price of a Yamaha U1 in Tampa Bay and Clearwater is over $11,000. Yamaha pianos can be a terrific value but ONLY if purchased preowned. Yamaha and Steinway significantly over charge for their product brand new, IMHO. This sets up an inevitable, massive depreciation schedule for the original owner. It was an anniversary …

Brand NEW Ritmüller UH-121 in Ebony Polish – Singled Out For Praise As “Musical Standout” and “Good Value” by Larry Fine!

Brand NEW Ritmüller UH-121 in Ebony Polish

Ritmuller pianos are some of the world’s finest made. They were designed by Lothar Thomma using a high density of European componentry, and painstakingly constructed using only highly skilled craftsmanship. Please view the attached photo for the Ritmüller UH-121, recipient of “musical standout” status by Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book. Fine writes “one …