Use Music Training to Help Your Child’s Brain Develop

Learning to play the piano doesn’t only take practice but it also requires the complex coordination of many different parts of your brain. These are the regions that are responsible for your coordination, hearing, sight, and movement. This ultimately influences your brain’s structure and function. What Research Demonstrates in This Regard Over the past two …

The Player Piano Then and Now


Self-playing pianos are essentially a simple, analog robot that’s programmed with a paper roll that had perforations to activate the specific keys. They’d start and stop, even use the foo pedals that work the machine’s bellows. The machine’s speed, music’s tempo, and choice of music were all controllable. About half of the homes in America …

iPhone Player Piano

Operate your piano using your iphone or iPad from anywhere in your home! Turn volume up or down, create a playlist, pause, play, rewind or fastforward wirelessly! Call 813-662-0303 to speak with Dave and visit