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Yamaha B2 Size Studio Upright Piano – $4990

Perform an on-line search, as to what upright piano should one consider for purchase, the Yamaha U1 and the Kawai K300 will inevitably populate at the top of the results.

Both the Kawai K300 and Yamaha U1 are considered pro series vertical pianos. The delineation between non-pro series pianos refers to more or less just the height.  As a piano increases in height, the surface area of the soundboard increases and the strings become longer. These two variables are largely what determines dB production.

Just because a piano is shorter, does not mean the piano cannot be used for higher level play, or that the piano will last longer, or have better tuning stability. All higher level pianists prefer a prodigious bass and huge tone.  A shorter piano will more than suffice for 95%+ of the piano buying public.

A new Yamaha U1 and Kawai K300 approach and even exceed $12,000.  A preowned Yamaha U1 under 10 years old can still fetch $8000-$9000.  At just $4990, this studio upright piano, which is the same size as the current Yamaha B2 model, would make an excellent choice for most vertical piano buyers in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Pete, Palm Harbor and beyond