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Handmade in New York since 1853, Steinway pianos are among the most sought after pianos today.  Building a piano in the USA, in 2022 is an incredibly expensive proposition.  The precious woods, cast iron, steel and copper; just some of the materials in a piano make up only a small fraction of the end cost.  

A Steinway can take over a year to manufacture!  Therefore, labor makes up the bulk of the expense, in its creation.  It is for this reason, the three best piano building countries (Europe, chiefly Germany, the US and Japan) produce only a infinitesimal amount of pianos annually, as compared to decades past.  

A new Steinway studio piano today can fetch upwards of $50,000+!  This preowned Steinway studio piano, at just $3990 is an incredible value.  If you are in Clearwater, St  Pete or Tampa Bay and browsing local piano stores, be sure to stop in and check out this amazingly rare Steinway.