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New 5’11” KAWAI GX-2 Grand Piano

The Kawai GX-2, 5’11” grand piano achieves the perfect balance of tone, touch and beauty.  Many smaller, more popular size baby grands, like that of the 5’ – 5’3” variety, lack the soundboard surface area and string length to produce satisfying tone.

Kawai’s tone is characteristicly mellow, lush and singing, well suited for classical music. The middle treble of the GX-2 Kawai  is warm, clear and resonant. The bass is full, rich and deep. The high treble has clarity without harshness.

Kawai’s patented and exclusive Millennium III action is unmatched in the industry.  Over the last five decades Kawai has been in their laboratories engineering and continuously refining the world’s most advance action.

Kawai has systematically replaced the 8000 action parts, which are traditionally made of various species of wood, with materials that are infinitely stronger and nearly impervious to fluctuations due to temperature change.  In Florida, the Kawai’s Millennium III action is especially beneficial!

Look closely at the photos. There are few piano manufactures which select premium materials that will match the beauty of this classic design. The gold finish plate is elegant and striking. The brass hardware and inlay brass, on the fallboard and prop stick are nice appointments. The finish on the soundboard and the inner rim are stunning. The depth of the ebony polish finish is reminiscent of obsidian or Vantablack.

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