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Yamaha U1 Professional Studio Upright Piano – Non Gray Market/One Owner! $5990

The new price of a Yamaha U1 in Tampa Bay and Clearwater is over $11,000. Yamaha pianos can be a terrific value but ONLY if purchased preowned. Yamaha and Steinway significantly over charge for their product brand new, IMHO. This sets up an inevitable, massive depreciation schedule for the original owner.

It was an anniversary present from a husband to a wife. She always wanted to play, but unfortunately she never really gave it a go. As a result, the hammers indicate virtually zero years of play. The piano is flawless and at only $5,990 it is truly a steal. If you are looking for a Kawai, Steinway, Boston or Essex studio piano in Tampa Bay, Clearwater or St. Pete, you absolutely must stop by and give this one a try.
YAMAHA 48" U1 Professional Studio Upright Piano - $5900
Professional Studio Upright Piano
Professional Studio Upright Piano YAMAHA 48″ U1
Yamaha U1 Piano
Yamaha U1 48" Studio Upright Piano