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YAMAHA 48″ U1 Professional Studio Upright Piano – $5,900

A brand new U1 Yamaha could easily cost you over $10,000. This piano is a like new, one owner, non gray market(read below to learn what this means) instrument and is being offered for sale at only $5,900!

This Yamaha U1 studio piano, located in south Tampa is not only the default choice of countless schools and universities, but is the workhorse for the accomplished pianist, whom have limited space in their homes.

Gray market pianos are Yamaha pianos that were not designed or authorized by Yamaha to be sold in the United States. You should know that Yamaha Corp. will not support these instruments in anyway. That means if you need a part or require service directly from Yamaha no assistance will be given. US importers go against Yamaha’s wishes and bring them into the United States. Without support from the manufacturer, these importers are forced to refurbish and rebuild these pianos with non OEM parts. This jury rigging permanently transforms the Yamaha into a “Yamawas”. Saving money is enticing. But don’t fall for the sales person’s pitch on a gray market piano.

There is a price to be paid and it is not by the piano store. You will pay the price should you go to sell the instrument or need parts. These pianos have terrible resale value. Before the Internet shady piano importers could get away with this. But not anymore.

Yamaha makes it very simple to determine if one of their used pianos is a gray market or was made for the North American market. By searching the phrase “Yamaha serial numbers”; the first or second listing will be a website whereby users can enter in a Yamaha serial number. This database will automatically tell you if the Yamaha piano you are considering is a legitimate one or not. Feel free to call Dave directly at 813-662-0303. He can also run a serial number for you using Yamaha’s database.

Dave, the owner/operator of Dave’s Piano Showroom is the ONLY piano store in Tampa Bay that has taken a public pledge not to deal and gray market Yamaha pianos.

Contact David at 813-293-0838 to view this and other non gray market Yamaha instruments.
YAMAHA 48" U1 Professional Studio Upright Piano - $5900
Professional Studio Upright Piano
Professional Studio Upright Piano YAMAHA 48″ U1
Yamaha U1 Piano
Yamaha U1 48" Studio Upright Piano