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Yamaha C7X Size Semi Concert Grand – Non Gray Market! NEW Over $85,000 – Now just $18,900!

The C7 has been the piano of choice by mega-churches, innumerable universities, countless recording studios around the globe, on more pop/jazz stages, and in the homes of serious musicians than virtually any other model and brand of piano.

The 7’6” length produces a massive overall tone and a prodigious bass thanks to an incredibly large soundboard and long string length. In fact, most schools, churches, recording studios, and performance stages choose the 7’6” C7 and feel it is more than sufficient, overlooking the standard 9’ concert grand, which is typically used in these applications.

Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay specializes in like new Yamaha baby grand, grand, semi concert grand, and concert grand pianos. As always DPS only deals in non-gray market Yamaha pianos. Gray market Yamaha pianos are ones built for the Japanese market, not the US market. These pianos receive NO part or service support from Yamaha!

A new Yamaha C7X is over $85,000! This 7’6” Yamaha semi-concert grand is only $18,900! Call Dave to schedule your visit and audition this and hundreds of other quality instruments.