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Super Ornate Yamaha Upright Piano – $3,950

Yamaha pianos are the most popular pianos today. Their cult following is not only limited to pop, jazz, and blues pianists. Ask any random person on the street what piano brand they have seen and they will inevitably reply Yamaha. Putting a product in the hands of celebrities, athletes and musicians is a well-known, incredibly effective way to market a product.

Most recently the rapper known as Dr. Dre along with his business partner Jimmy Lovine used the tactic of placing their Beats headphones on athletes, socialites, and celebrities, then quickly taking a photograph for online marketing. This strategy is not only incredibly cheap to implement (next to free), but also incredibly effective. It has been reported Dr. Dre and Lovine sold their Beats headphones to Apple for a whopping 3+ billion dollars!

Over the last few decades, Yamaha has successfully placed countless conspicuously branded Yamaha pianos in the hands of international pop stars and celebrities. Seeing Yamaha on TV, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram has accelerated their popularity to unseen levels.

In recent years, Yamaha pianos have become very expensive. Yamaha knows Americans just want to fit in, want to belong to the club, and want to impress visitors to their homes. They know they have a good name, and they will make you pay dearly to own it.

Remember, just like a pricey Mercedes, BMW, or Audi the value of a piano drops precipitously the moment you accept delivery. It is, for this reason, it is recommended to buy preowned when it comes to Yamaha, Steinway, and any other brand which leverages their good names into a high new retail price tag.

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