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2022 NEW Kawai CA-49 Digital Piano – $2,899

Since 1927 Kawai has constructed some of the world’s finest pianos, in Japan. There are not many family-owned and operated companies that last nearly 100 years. Kawai has been able to achieve this rare longevity due to superior building practices and hyper-specialization.

Kawai does not build boats, outboard motors, motorcycles, band instruments, etc. They are a piano-building specialist and do not allow themselves to be distracted by short-sighted profits, constructing other products, at the long-term expense of maintaining quality in their core product.

In the case of their digital pianos, Kawai utilizes a proprietary harmonic imaging method, whereby optimum sound is captured directly from the Shigeru concert grand piano; a $200,000+ instrument! In other words, when you hear the Kawai CA49, it is as if you are listening to a Kawai concert grand piano at the full dynamic range!

The action is not just weighted, it is grand simulated. Looking inside a Kawai digital, you will notice a mechanism traveling upwards to strike, as a hammer travels upwards to strike a grand piano. This ultra-responsive key feel simply has no equal, in the industry today.

If you are considering a Clavinova CVP, NU1X, or any other digital model in Tampa Bay, you will certainly want to audition for a Kawai digital piano.