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2023 NEW Kawai GX-7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano – $79,495

The GX7 Kawai semi-concert grand is without question the best-value high-performance grade piano on the market today. The cost delta between a 7’6” GX-7 and a 9’ concert grand is absurd.

You could own one Kawai GX7 7’6” semi-concert grand and have enough money left over to purchase a 2023 fully loaded corvette, AMG series Mercedes or M series BMW for the cost of one concert grand. To put it another way, you could own two new Kawai 7’6” semi-concert grands and a dozen $2000 digital pianos to gift to your favorite 12 closest friends for the cost of just one concert grand by Kawai, Yamaha, or Steinway.

It is for this reason, the C7X, GX7, and model B semi-concert grands are the overwhelming choice by high-performance pianists and smart money. Because 9-foot concert grands are so infrequently purchased, all manufacturers charge an exorbitant premium.

There are some piano dealers and resellers that would have you believe a 60, 70, 80, or even 100+ year old rebuilt piano somehow has a musical value equivalent or even superior to a new piano.

This is categorically untrue and if not so pervasive in the piano industry, laughable! There are precisely zero concert pianists which play on a 50, 60, 70, or 100+-year-old piano, in a concert setting. Pianos do not get better with time. Age is a leveling factor for quality in a piano.

Unlike a cello or violin, instruments which in theory can last hundreds of years as a result of being under low tension; pianos are under extreme high tension, roughly 50,000 pounds, when all the strings are tighten to pitch!

This constant down-bearing force causes the soundboard to decay, or lose crown over time. Crown or curvature in a soundboard is absolutely critical for tonal projection. As the soundboard flattens overtime, decibels are lost. Up to 2/3 dB are lost by decade six to decade seven!

Kawai’s patented and exclusive, Millennium III action is unmatched in the industry. Over the last five decades, Kawai has been in their laboratories engineering and continuously refining the world’s most advance action.

Kawai has systematically replaced the 8000 action parts, which are traditionally made of various species of wood, with materials that are infinitely stronger and nearly impervious to fluctuations due to temperature change. In Florida, the Kawai’s Millennium III action is especially beneficial!

The Millennium III action is an art in motion and an engineering marvel. For decades Kawai has incrementally improved the performance, stability, and strength of the piano action. In 2022 Kawai has reached its zenith in complete piano design.

Kawai combines the exclusive Millennium III grand piano action (with carbon composite parts), moisture-absorbent NEOTEX™ key surfaces, extended key sticks for greater control, and mahogany hammers for a lighter, faster keystroke. Together, these components provide unmatched tone and responsiveness allowing the performer to communicate the intimate musical nuances of the heart with precision, passion, and ease.

If you are looking for a high-performance semi-concert grand or concert grand by Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway, or Boston you will want to visit Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay.