The Ritmuller Piano Legacy In The 21st Century

Ritmuller-GH212R_sm[1]Since 1795 the Ritmuller piano has been the hallmark of excellence in piano manufacturing the world over.

To keep their legacy of masterful craftsmanship in the new millennium, Ritmuller has taken on a whole new approach to manufacturing but keeping the excellence they’re renowned for.  Their total line of products has been re-engineered.  From one molecule to the next the company has been working day and night to ensure they produce the high quality pianos and they stopped at nothing to get the best to work on their projects.

Without need of introduction comes in Lothar Thomma via the Pearl River Piano Group’s commission to oversee the design and lead in the new era of Ritmuller pianos.

Thomma’s name alone ensures that the quality is the best and that the latest of technologies that might seem all sparkly and shiny will still have to pass his standards and muster.  It won’t be produced unless Lothar’s excellent eye and ear have given the thumbs up.  It must be a real treat to see him go to work and the team assembled must feel highly privileged to be there.

The upright and grand pianos being created will endure for years and as new generations of musicians take up the mantle there’s no telling how much fine music will be wafting through the air.  Just think of it, the latest in technological design, materials, and more under the watchful eye of a master of his craft,Lothar Thomma bringing the world of the Ritmuller piano into this new age of digital wonder  and more.  This is the challenge facing the manufacturers of the high end musical instruments of old. They’ve had to adapt to the new technologies arriving and making sure that the legacy of Ritmuller pianos still goes strong from now on.

This is a milestone of musical accomplishment that is bound to change history in many ways.  Engineering experts and music aficionados will be watching intently on the new pianos.  They’ll look for every possible flaw and herald every possible accomplishment but the real test is that of time.  Where will these new Ritmuller pianos be 50 to 100 years from now?  Will new materials be discovered?  Will these new processes stand up?  These are major issues because of the investment of money and career.  Schools, heads of state, concert halls, churches, all purchase Ritmuller pianos and they become part of the landscape as people travel miles to hear one played by a pro.

We’ll have to wait and see but for now you know the Ritmuller piano is in good hands again.

Image Source: Ritmuller