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Yamaha Baby Grand Piano – Best Price in Tampa Bay! | just $8,900

Yamaha baby grand pianos in Tampa Bay and around the globe have become very popular in the last 15 years. Since the creation of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram; Yamaha has increased their market share significantly, by strategically partnering with pop pianists, prestigious venues, and celebrities and cleverly placing pianos in public spaces, making viral videos possible.

The overwhelming majority of viral piano performance videos are seen online; the musician is playing on Yamaha pianos. Subconsciously, new piano buyers gravitate to these subliminal messages reinforced over and over, and over again.

As a result, investing in a preowned Yamaha piano is a wise financial decision. Since Yamaha is aware of their positive brand perception; their pianos demand a hefty premium when purchased new. Much like a luxury automobile, these instruments depreciate heavily in the first 20 years, thereafter maintaining their initial depreciated value in perpetuity

Case in point, this 5’3”, Japanese-made Yamaha baby grand piano was sold new in Tampa Bay. If sold New today a Japanese 5’3” GC1 costs over roughly $25,000. At $8900, this piano is a tremendous store of value.

If you are considering a Yamaha, Kawai, Boston, Essex, or vintage Steinway in Tampa Bay you will certainly want to audition this piano.