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Yamaha B2 Studio Upright Piano – Just $5,990!

The Yamaha B2 studio piano is one of Yamaha’s most popular upright pianos for institutions, churches, and homes. The toe block design offers maximum stability. Yamaha B2 studio upright pianos are effortless to move about the room or away from the wall, allowing for dusting and vacuuming, thanks to its premium solid metal wheels.

The quick release top panel allowing for nearly 100% tonal release is a top feature among high performing pianists. A notched, flip down music desk is sleek and functional. Solid brass pedals and solid brass YAMAHA embossing on the music desk give the Yamaha B2 a premium feel.

Don’t pay upwards of $7800 for a new Yamaha B2. Own this flawless one for just $5990! The sale includes a warranty on all major components providing peace of mind, knowing your investment is well covered!

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