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Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X

The Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X is one of the highest rated, most popular digital hybrid pianos on the market today.

It features a real, acoustic action which yields an authentic touch experience. If you don’t have and extra $185,000 for a Yamaha CFX concert grand, or $300,000 for a Imperial Bosendorfer concert grand, that’s okay, the AvantGrand NU1X samples their piano sounds directly from the magnificent instruments!

You can save several thousands of dollars of the new retail price of $7500, on this like new one for just $6490!

You will only find these types of deals on like new Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, Boston and Essex pianos at Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay.

Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X Overview video