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Like New Kawai 6’6” RX-5 Semi Concert Grand Piano – Predecessor to GX-5 | Only $24,995!

The Kawai RX-5 semi – concert grand piano measures 6’6” and is designed with the advanced pianist in mind.  The tone is lush and full thanks to its incredibly large soundboard and massive string length.

There are few pianos in this size category which possess the raw power of the RX-5, while maintaining  perfect balance throughout registers.

Kawai’s exclusive ABS action offer an ultra responsive feel and is an engineering marvel!  The ABS action offers two benefits over a traditional action.

Kawai’s action is 50% stronger!  Under fracture load analysis traditional action flanges fail at 61.2 pounds of pressure. The Kawai ABS action can withstand an incredible 102.5 pounds pressure before failure.

It is well known our great state of Florida is amongst the most humid climates in all of the world. Subjecting a traditional wooden action to 90-100% humidity for 24-48 hours yields a 5% change in size. Exposing a Kawai ABS action to the same moisture only expands the Kawai action material by .16% making Kawai’s ABS action parts more than 30 times better than comparable wooden parts!

A new GX-5 cost over $70,000!  Own its like new predecessor for just $24,995!  Visit Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay to view the best deals on like new Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Boston and Essex pianos.