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Virtually NEW Studio Upright Piano – $3995

In the 1990s there were essentially six major piano brands that built 90% of the pianos in the world. Those brands were Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai, Young Chang, and Samick.  Samick throughout the decade of the 90s and the early 2000s was the world’s largest maker of pianos.

Samick is still one of the biggest piano makers in the world today.  Korean quality workmanship is well known around the world in Samsung and Android products.  This pride in workmanship dates back to the 1950s in the original Korean Samick piano factory.  Music and piano playing are absolutely huge in Korea, with nearly every child required to play piano starting in grade school.

Dave’s Piano Showroom sold this piano new, in the mid-2000s for nearly $6,000.  The pianos’ hammer felts reflect less than a year of play!  This is precisely what one should look for in a piano.  Additionally, the pinblock is in the 99th percentile, with plenty of tuning stability to last decades!  The copper wound bass strings and the steel treble wire are in a new state.  This means the piano has been in a stable climate for its entire life.

At just $3995 including local, ground floor delivery, tuning and warranty this is an incredible value!