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NEW Kawai GL-10 Baby Grand Piano – $16,295

Make Steinway’s choice, your choice, choose Kawai!

Since 1992 Kawai has been the official builder for Steinway & Sons (Boston line). Steinway selected Kawai due to their long illustrious history and nearly 100 year reputation for constructing high quality pianos.

Since 1927 Kawai has been producing some of the finest pianos the world has ever seen, in Hamamatsu, Japan. Much like Lexus, Kawai does not believe in functional obsolescence, stagnation in design, nor adopts a philosophy of “good enough”.

Kawai has been perfecting the art of piano making for nearly a century; constantly innovating, pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo with their ground breaking designs.

Just as the ivory keytops, materials taken from wildlife proved to be less than an ideal material due to cracking, chipping and discoloration; so too are wooden parts in a piano’s action. Piano designers did absolutely nothing wrong 100, 200, 300 years ago. They utilized the available materials of their time. However, using wood in an action today is as sensible as breeding elephants for the purpose of fabricating keytops.

Kawai’s Millennium III action is a thing of beauty and art in motion. Traditional actions are comprised of thousands of wooden parts. Kawai embraces science and technological advancement in materials and design; thus utilizing carbon fiber, ABS Carbon ABS Styran, and other infinitely superior materials compared to wood.

These components do not flux with temperature change. Not only are they virtually impervious to fluctuations in temperature and humidity; these modern materials are significantly stronger, lighter and yield an action which is unparalleled in its repetition, sensitivity, uniformity and control.

That is of course to say nothing of Kawai’s warm melodic, singing tone. Dave’s Piano Showroom of Tampa Bay is the exclusive Kawai dealer for Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk counties. If you are a resident of one of these counties, visit DPS to receive an additional discount off of the listed price!