Best Technique Of Cleaning The Piano Keys

How to maintain it and clean the keysHave a piano at home? Wondering how to maintain it and, more importantly, clean the keys?  You need to be careful as improper ways could damage them. While cleaning you should avoid using cleaners that are saturated wipe-type or liquid cleaners containing harsh ingredients. You should not be the ones containing chlorine, alcohol, benzene, salts, peroxide, ethanol, etc. Such ingredients often cause cracking and discoloration.

The best approach is to use three clean microfiber cloths and a dishwashing liquid. Use them in the following steps to efficiently clean the piano keys.

Step 1

Soak a microfiber cloth in lukewarm water. Add a small amount of dishwashing liquid and wring it out in a manner that prevents the water from dripping over the piano keys. Using the cloth gently wipe the keys in a toward the player motion. It means you should start from the key farthest from you and move to the one closest.

Step 2

Now use another microfiber cloth soaked in lukewarm water only. Wring it out in a manner that doesn’t drip the water over the keys. Now wipe down the keys in the same approach as done in the first step.

Step 3

Take out the third microfiber cloth and wipe down the keys in a similar manner till they are dry.

After you complete the steps above, clean your hands thoroughly before playing the piano. It ensures a high level of playability and increases the life of your piano. In case you use a sanitizer containing any ingredients mentioned above, touch the keys only when your hands are completely dry. Lastly, when your piano is not in use, make sure you keep the key cover closed at all times.

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Picture Credit: Freepik